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Choate’s has been in the Air Conditioning business for over 50 Years and being a family owned and operated¬† business for that time, we understand about the comfort needs of a family home. The thing that sets Choate’s Air Conditioning & Heating, inc. apart from other businesses is our reputation of doing things right, and now with the Choate’s HVAC side branching out to a Duct Cleaning Service you can trust that Choate’s will do thorough job of making your home comfortable again. It just makes sense to have Choate’s Air Conditioning & Heating to do Duct Cleaning also. Think about it, you don’t send your car to a detailer if you have an engine problem. No, instead you take it to a mechanic to do the job right and that is what we do here at Choate’s.



For any additional information about our HVAC side please visit their main site at www.choateshvac.com


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